Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spurring You On

by Dr Margaret Aranda

Video 1. So What are You Going to Be? Do not wait on anyone; what you need is already inside you. Push on! Pick yourself up! Persevere!

"When you fall down, fall on your back! Why? So you can get up again!" ~

"Do not let anyone tell you who you are!"

"Do not be a REFLECTION of yourself! Be the real you!

Who is the 'real' I? I'll tell you what it is NOT. It is NOT a Reflection in the mirror. 

* It's NOT a "Selfie." 

* It's not what other people think of you. 

* It's NOT WHO YOU THINK you are.

* It's not what other people told you to be!

Be "YOU!"


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who Discourages You?

by Dr Margaret Aranda

1. The Biggest Person to Discourage? It's You.  Listen to yourself. Go It Alone.

That's the only way that you can do things in this life. Keep working! Keep on going!

Spend time alone and do not, do not do not quite! If you fail at something, that does not make you "FAILURE!" Seriously!

Jesus walked on the water, in the storm. Peter took eyes off of Jesus and StartEd feeling to do what? .... He StartEd around sink in the water. WHY? Jesus was not sinking! Peter took off feeling eyes of Jesus and that was the mistake ...

.... He was distracted by the distraction of the Storm.

Listen! There is alway going to be one distraction after another.

..and another.
........... And another.

"I can do anything, through Christ who makes me strong!"