Saturday, April 9, 2016

Selim Yeniçeri: New Album on the Way

by Dr Margaret  Aranda

There are things, events, happenings in the world that are going on unnoticed around you. They simply get drowned out by all the 'bad news' and drama of the End Times we are in, with evil becoming more and more dastardly and prominent in the news. 

Amongst this, there is a rose arising from the rubble, a scented, rare breed of which the world has never seen. And only around the corner are we on the cusp of witnessing the unfolding, the grand re-entry of this phenomenon ourselves. 

Image 1. Selim Yeniçeri is on the way back! After his fiancé Dr Margaret Aranda gently urged and then repeatedly insisted (like any good wife) that he return to his great love of music, Yeniçeri is preparing his newest album. It has been 16 years since his last, "Road of the Kings." Now, this is the stuff that geniuses are made of, truly! 

Video 1. "Kralların / Road of  

 the Kings"

Meet Selim Yeniçeri, the most reputable book
translator in Turkey, bringing a walking library of books into the Turkish nation over the past decades. Now, the master cannot withhold the innate gift that has been stirring inside of him all of this time!

The title of the new album is "Second Coming," after the theme of the second coming of Christ. This is completely instrumental album, of the Symphonic Hard'n Heavy & New Age genre. Yeniçeri has already collaborated with noted music teacher and Symphonic Progressive Rock musician, Yigitcan Kesendere.  

The album is a deliberate critique of religious dogmas. Yeniçeri believes that "everything about religion and dogmas went wrong with the people." To be filmed in Iznik, Turkey, Yeniçeri chose this video shooting location because ironically to the theme of the album, it is the place where the Catholic Church was started.

Image 2. Original Yeniçeri "Mask" Logo. Pure heavy metal, this iconic logo carries with it two meanings: warrior strength and music genre. Imaging wearing such a mask, one with tantalizing superpowers and magnetic strain! Best left to the imagination, let it serve as a guide to both stimulate and relax the brain with something that one cannot possibly anticipate: the cerebral neuroplasticity effects of symphonic hard rock music..... without vocals as a distraction....

AND....Expect a full album out by the end of the summer, asYeniçeri's brilliant talent surpasses even the most talented musicians! There will be a few noted musicians on violin or flute; it is still being creatively determined as we read this! In true form of his musical masterpiece to come, Selim Yeniçeri is writing all songs, lyrics, and mastering the album himself. Whoooa! 

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