Saturday, February 20, 2016


Longing for that receptive ear to whisper into, I patiently did wait to no avail, so I took to speaking to this vacuum friend of mine who still chose to hear me rather than listen. I persisted to drive my point home, feeling this air of peace I had made my point.

We virtually complain about everything and forget to do all things. If only we can listen just for once, the message may just be as easy as answering the question of what our names are. As you listen, also implore taciturn and act more to project your ideals. Humility is the smoothest path to the heart of all humanity, just as arrogance instantly arouses the human brain to fight.
Sometimes peace is a mere bitterness without war, but war does not spare bitterness and simply lead to eternal destruction.

I boldly say "no" to terror and the likes, enough of the bloodshed and agony! 

Image 1. My Proclamation. I proclaim, 'No!' to terror and all it carries with it, and to this and with everything that is in me, and I proclaim it highly 
to the rocks and trees, the rivers and valleys!

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