Saturday, February 20, 2016


by Mom Godfrey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step that goes a trite dictum, yet a step in the right direction with the right attitude entails fulfilment. The recent water splashing spree by the excited graduating Fellows has left me deeply thoughtful. Truly a "Degree" is worth celebrating, especially as it steals quite a worthwhile number of years from me, essentially draining me of some mental and physical vigor.

As I sat watching the randy youth from the vantage point of the window of my afforded room, I had a mixed feeling of interest and rumination. The energy exuded by these Fellows was spectacular and it crossed my mind that it could also be usefully channelled while moving forward.

Image 1. Mom Godfrey Reflections.  What is needed is for men and women, especially the young and educated, to be primally interested in and protective of their surroundings and their wastelands. They should not slip away. 

One thing that I observed about the celebrations was that it was dominated by the ladies and the reason was pretty obvious. Many a young men are far more aware of the reality they are about to transit into so rather than the exuberant jubilation will give themselves to quality moments of sober reflection. To a few it would be a high point of depression, while the minutest, richest, and privileged ones go home to mummy and daddy as we all know the usual story.

The ladies are a far cry from being perturbed in all of these because they have diametrically depraved themselves of a good knowledge of their environment leaving them vulnerable to some fantasy of sorts that they derive from watching 'Telemundo' and some irritating Indian drama series in recent times. To them, it is always that expensive so called black and white wedding, or nothing less. It is either they sit and wait for some luck to shine on them, or they energetically track some jet leg and stalk a man to get their desired, remote fantasy. They talk about how expensive they want the so called wedding to be, as though they are the ones to sponsor the wasting galore.

A few are lucky while most are left high and dry, but it can always be the sure way if they want.

I urge the guys to rise up against the realities of the times and be as proactive as possible. The energy I witnessed them celebrate with reminded me that we are still very much agile and can front a good course against those who owe us a great deal of responsibility.
To the ladies, life is not an all fun galore and choosing to settle down when you so wish. Try to be a part of your dream and be concerned what goes on in your environment. For it is yours, too, and you also bear the responsibility.

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